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Top 5 Steps to Create a Unique Website to Keep Your Business Thriving

We make a few decisions while others are forced upon us. Something similar is the situation when it comes to developing a business website. 

Yes, the pandemic (COVID-19) has forced businesses to either adopt digitalization by shifting their brick-and-mortar business online or shut down. Hence, startups and enterprises are exploring the potential of creating a website, while others are looking for website development companies to get their website developed asap. In simple terms, every industry wants to have its digital presence through a website.

So, are you considering building a website for your business?

You need a unique website that engages your users with appealing UI/UX and content. 

If you are confused, we have introduced the top 5 steps to create a unique website, but first, let’s understand how does a website help business grow? 

A Business Website is the Need of the Hour

Your business website is your virtual face and demonstrates your brand to the world, and it helps you share your offerings with potential customers and attract leads. However, there’s a challenge to attract visitors, and your website will play a vital role. With thousands of websites on the web, having your business website at the top of the searches across the search engines is a big battle, and only an engaging website with value-added content wins the race. So, what will make your website unique that visitors like to visit every time? Let’s explore this further. 

Top 5 Steps to Creating a Unique Website

 Thousands of websites from various industries are built every day. But have you ever figured out what separates the standard sites from the highly effective and successful sites? Let’s explore the tops suggested by experts to build a unique website that helps you serve your purposes effectively. 

#1 Align your business and website objectives

Every business has different goals and objectives, although the primary goal is to generate more revenue. So, you need to ensure that your website easily aligns with your revenue generation purpose. There can be some other purpose for having a website. For example, it could be for offering a better delivery; some want to give better customer service, and so forth. So it is imperative that your website, its business objectives, and goals are synced. 

Let’s understand this through an example. You are a software product selling company. Your business goal is to get more people looking at your product demo, so your website should communicate the same, too, which attracts more leads to book demos. 

#2 Identify your unique selling proposition (USP) 

Every business has a unique selling proposition (USP), and while you plan to create your website, it is essential to identify them. What is it that makes your offerings different from others in the market? Let’s understand this by an example. There are many mobile phones in the market, but there is no substitute for an iPhone so far. 

Why? Because they have positioned their product in such a way that it has created a whole different segment of users. They never focus on selling products but on experience and lifestyle. Their TV commercials and Website CTAs communicate the same. Hence it is crucial to identify what makes your offerings different, position them correctly, and successfully communicate your purposes via your website. 

#3 Keep your website design and architecture simple and user friendly

As said by Steve Jobs, “The design is not just what it looks like and feels like. The design is how it works.” 

Many people consider design only to the limit of look and feel, but what if you don’t understand how a particular design works? Creativity has no end, and every designer has so much to offer. However, while selecting the design, make sure you keep it simple yet elegant enough to attract visitors. Apart from design, the other place where you need to be very thoughtful is the architecture of your website. Website architecture includes things like;

  • How many pages will be there?
  • How they will connect with each other
  • How will be the site map?
  • How will the user interact and engage with the website
  • How will be the navigation journey of the visitor?
  • How will Google crawlers understand the relationship between different pages of your website and so much more? 

Your website may have many pages, but if a user does not understand where the information could be over the website, it will be of no use to you. Hence having an architecture that is easy to understand and user-friendly to the visitor is essential. 

#4 Robust Development Process

Now, once you decide on how your website will look, how your design will function, and what features and headings you will have on your website, it’s time to put life to it by moving it to the development process. Always choose a web development team that offers you good experience and support. There are many web development companies to whom you can outsource web development tasks, but it is vital to make the correct selection. Developers are the ones who will make your design functional by using their skill of coding with the help of various programming languages. 

#5 Offer Unique Content

Once your website is well ready now, it’s time to stuff the content. Always make sure your content is unique and free of plagiarism. Remember your visitors are going to interact with your website based on the content it offers. 

The more engaging the content is, the more time a visitor is going to spend on the website. 

The more time they spend on the website, the more chances they will make a purchase, book an appointment, or react to the CTA for whatever purposes you have placed on your website. 

As website development is the heart of the process, adding content is like supplying blood that keeps the system healthy. Let’s say your objectives are clear, and the design and architecture are good, but if the words are unclear, how will the visitor understand what you are trying to offer them? You can make them do what you want them to with sound, clear, and engaging content. Also, the content should be relevant to your target audience and market to make more sense to them.


Further, never forget to optimize your content from the SEO point of view. Decide properly over the various headings, tags, Meta descriptions, etc. These things will contribute to your ranking on Google and other search engines. Finally, use a clear Calls-to-Action button to encourage visitors to engage with you and attract the lead. 

Final Thoughts 

The above points shall give you some understanding of how you should plan with your website creation part to make it unique. Always note there are businesses out there that offer the same services or products, but the way you treat your customers will make you attract their interest. With your website, you make the first virtual step to please your customers, and so it is essential to have one and highlight things that you do differently for your customers.

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