Top Ways To Keep Your Bones Healthy

We, humans, have an elaborate and extensive skeletal structure apart from a delicate backbone. Our bones provide our body with a rigid framework to support various body parts. But also serve many other essential biological functions, such as shielding our internal organs from damage and reserving critical nutrients. Thus, our bones are crucial in helping us survive and thrive.

Therefore, we must maintain their health and fix it as effectively as possible in case of any damage. Read ahead to understand various ways to keep our bones healthy. These range from having a nutritious diet, and consuming compounds like CBD Gummies, to getting the proper exercise.

take care your bone

Top ways to keep our bones healthy:

  • Eat a healthy diet:

The proper diet is crucial for maintaining healthy bones. Our diet must consist of vegetables, which are great for maintaining healthy bones. Vegetables are an excellent source of vitamin C, essential to stimulate the production of bone-forming cells in the body. Moreover, the antioxidants in vegetables protect bone cells from damage as well. Therefore to increase bone mineral density and maintain the production of bone-forming cells, we must consume a high amount of green and yellow vegetables.

Vegetables are also linked to bone mineralization during childhood and maintaining bone mass as we grow old. Several studies have highlighted the benefits of having a vegetable-rich diet. It is essential to mention that having a low-calorie diet is not advisable as it leads to muscle damage and can harm our bone health. Studies have highlighted that women consuming less than 900 calories per day experienced a significant loss in bone density in their hip and upper thigh regions. Even though this is a minimal observation, it is advisable that a person follows a well-balanced diet and consumes at least 1200 cal per day to build and maintain strong bones.

  • Engaging in specific types of exercise:
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Physical activity is as important as having a healthy diet for bone health. Therefore we must remain physically active to support our bone health. Performing specific types of exercise, like weight-bearing or high-impact training, can help build and maintain strong bones. These particular exercises are ideal for promoting the formation of new bones.

A study highlighted that weight-bearing activities increased bone strength, mineral density, bone size, etc. Indulging in regular exercise can also help prevent bone loss in older adults. Thus regular exercise can keep our bones healthy and improve our overall health. Studies show that men and women who performed weight-bearing exercises showed better bone mineral density, strength, and bone size than those who did not perform these exercises.

  • The prescribed dose of THC:

Several naturally occurring, plant-based compounds can help maintain good bone health. One such compound is THC, tetrahydrocannabinol. The compound gets extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. The compound is available in various products, and the Farm Bill 2018 regulates the amount of THC you can infuse into any product. Evidence emerging from ongoing trials has highlighted that the compound can potentially impact our bones. Some studies suggest that THC can help deal with the pain associated with broken or injured bones.

  • Maintain healthy protein consumption:
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Consuming the right amount of protein is necessary for maintaining healthy bones, as about 50% of our bone is made of it. Studies and research have highlighted that low protein consumption is associated with reduced calcium absorption and can potentially impact the speed of bone formation and breakdown. However, it is necessary to mention that a person must not overindulge in proteins but consume sufficient proteins.

Studies recommend consuming up to 100 grams of protein daily and other nutrients. However, our protein intake should be within the limit as several research studies have highlighted that consuming excess protein can lead to acidity and other health complications.

  • Consume calcium daily:

Calcium is the main mineral found in our bones and is another mineral vital for good bone health. Since our body naturally breaks down old bone cells, which are replaced by new ones, having a calcium-rich diet is crucial to maintain and protecting bone structure and strength. Therefore, we must consume sufficient amounts of calcium throughout the day from foods. However, we should mention that the amount of calcium our body absorbs can vary from person to person. Therefore spreading the calcium intake throughout the day will ensure optimum absorption.

  • Consume Vitamin K and D:
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Vitamins play a vital role in maintaining bone health and density. Consumption of Vitamin D and vitamin K is essential to building strong bones and maintaining them. These vitamins are crucial in helping your body absorb calcium and reduce the chances of developing conditions like osteopenia, osteoporosis, and other bone diseases. Studies have highlighted that people with low vitamin D levels have lower bone density and can potentially experience bone loss. Therefore, we must get enough vitamin D. Vitamin K on the other hand, helps reduce calcium loss from the bones.

  • Maintain a healthy weight:

Besides eating the right things, maintaining a healthy weight is essential to support bone health. While having a low weight increases the risk of developing osteopenia and osteoporosis, obesity can damage the bone quality and increase fracture risk. Therefore, we should maintain a stable and healthy weight to ensure our bones’ good health and help preserve bone density. Studies have revealed that frequent fluctuation in weight, associated with repeated loss and gaining of weight, can hurt bone density. Therefore, we must maintain a stable weight and not subject our bones to repeated cycles of losing and gaining weight.

Maintain a healthy weight

A final word: 

There are numerous ways to ensure that our bones remain healthy and do not suffer cell damage and density loss. These tips are easy to follow and can get implemented daily. Following these tips will ensure that our bones are strong and can support our bodies.

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