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Different Types Of Google Play Store Errors And How To Deal With Errors

Google Play store is a widely used mobile app store designed and powered by Google. This app store is only available in android software. However, it contains millions of applications that are increasing daily. 

Google Play store offers different apps which are helpful, useful, and entertaining as well. Every Android user uses this app store because it provides plenty of applications in various categories. You may always enjoy using this platform to get useful applications. 

It contains almost every category: health, fitness, entertainment, game, sports, technology, education, music, administrative applications, movies, business, e-commerce, and more. 

Different Types Of Errors: Let’s Check Them

Sometimes, people face some errors. But how To Fix a Google Play Store error? Scroll down to get the answer. 

Error 1: Google Play Store Error – Error DF-BPA-09 ‘Error Processing Purchase’

This error is common, and it happens when you try downloading an app. Note that downloading the app again will not help you fix the problem. To fix this Error DF-BPA-09 ‘Error Processing Purchase’, you must follow the steps mentioned below.


Note that the problem is not on the user end; the Google play store is responsible for this. But you can fix this issue by following some steps: 

  • First, go to Settings>Apps.
  • Next, go to the “All” section.
  • Go down, and there you will find Google Services Framework.
  • Tap on it and Clear Data and then click OK to confirm.

Now that your problem has been fixed, if you still have any issues regarding this, install the same app on your PC from there. Now, your smartphone will work clearly. 

Error 2: Google Play Store Error – Error DF-DLA-15

You may face this error when downloading any application from the Google play store. 

Below, we present the solution to fix Error DF-DLA-15.

See, technology is super interesting. When we don’t know the solution process, it creates enormous problems, but it takes less time to fix when we know the solution. 

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First, you have to clear all data or catch from the Google play store. 

  • Go to Settings>Apps.
  • Look for Play Store and tap on it.
  • Now clear all data and catch.

You can go to the storage section in your android smartphone to solve this issue. However, if this solution fails, you can choose the alternative way. First, you need to delete your Google account from your smartphone. 

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Once you do this, you must re-open your Google account from the beginning stage. Then, it will fix the problem. 

Error 3: Google Play Store Error – Error rpc: s-5: aec-0

If you face this problem, don’t worry, you can fix it yourself. It happens when the play store can’t retrieve information. Look at the below how to fix error rpc: s-5: aec-0.


  • Go to Settings>Apps.
  • Go to the “All” section. Find Google Play Store, Clear Cache & Data, and Uninstall Updates.

You can follow the same process for Download Manager and Google Services Framework. 

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Error 4: Google Play Store Error – Error rpc:aec:0

Error rpc:aec:0 is the most problematic because you can’t download any application from the play store. To fixing this Error rpc:aec:0, follow the below section:


You need to sign out from your Gmail account from Play Store. Along with this, remove all synced data from Google accounts.

  • Now go to Settings > Apps
  • Go to the “All” section. Find Google Play Store and Clear Data.

Now, you can restart your tablet or android phone. Then, sign in with your Gmail account to Play Store again. 

Error 5: Google Play Store Error – Error RPC:S-3

It is the most common error that faces android users. As a result, you will not be allowed to download an app. But you can fix the error RPC:S-3 by following the steps. 


  • Reboot your phone and re-add it. 
  • You can remove your Google account.
  • Or you can try a different Google account.

Error 6: Google Play Store Error – Error rh01

Error rh01 mainly occurs while installing or updating the existing apps. To fix error rh01, you should go through the below steps. 


  • Go to Settings > Apps
  • Go to the “All” section. Find Google Play Store and Clear Cache & Clear Data. 

Sometimes, it may fail; delete your existing Gmail account and reboot your phone. 

Re-add your Gmail account, or you can open a new account. Doing this will solve this issue. 

Final Words

These are the most common Google play store errors that you may face. When encountering them, just go through the solution section before visiting your nearest android mobile shop. 

Hopefully, this article has been able to meet your queries. However, if you have any further queries regarding this, you can raise your question in the comment section.

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