Ways of Editing Gorgeous Pictures on Your Smartphone

The advent of smartphones has made life very easy in the twenty-first century. Not only can an individual use their smartphone to get into the custom thesis writing service for important tips on essay writing, but also use their phone camera for quality snapshots. Smartphone cameras have an edge over dedicated cameras and DSLRs as you can edit the pictures and share them as well.
Many individuals would rather edit pictures in their phones by simply putting a filter, but this is more of an ignorance aspect than a lack of editing options. Phones currently have powerful editing tools that one can use to produce quality photos. Well, filters are not bad, but one can easily misjudge and utilize them wrongly, leading up to pictures with serious quality issues.

Excellent Picture Editing Tools on Your Smartphone

It’s important to become proficient when it comes to an app, though this doesn’t imply constraining yourself to only a single app when editing a picture. You can mix up and play with a couple of apps to identify the best one that works for you, besides proper ways of using it. That said, you can edit your phone photos using the following photo editing tools.

  • Adobe’s Lightroom CC

It is an efficient photo editing tool with a free feature available to anyone who subscribes to the Creative Cloud within adobe. The editor is powerful and enables easy synchronization of pictures between your phone and computer. You can, however, access the tool without a subscription but with limited access to its advanced features. It’s possible to get Lightroom both on iOS and Android-based phone platforms. 

  • Snapseed

It is a google product with an innate U point tech that enables local adjustments to pictures, especially for individuals who have no interest in making every edit by hand. The app comes equipped for both iOS and Android platforms. 

  • VSCO

It ranks among the best apps when it comes to filtering pictures. The app originally had Lightroom presets that had a foundation in classic movie stocks, but presently, comes with a wide range of elaborate filters coupled with easy to utilize editing tools. VSCO, however, needs a $19.99 subscription every year for one to access its filter tools and can work on both iOS and Android platforms.
Such tools and in addition to Afterlight, Pixelmator, and your phone’s built-in tools, can produce superb results. 
Having such tools just sets the stage for your photo editing and you can do the following to come up with quality pictures.

  • Identify and fix picture problems that take away from your picture rather than try to make your picture look cooler. Such problems can consist of skewed horizons, shadows, or a protruding car nose into the picture. A better judgment that comes with experience can help you identify and fix problems before clicking the phone’s camera shutter, which reduces the number of edits you must make thereafter. 
  • Balance the color and exposure because a phone’s camera tends to always take images with higher or lower contrasts. It is, therefore, important to adjust exposure and tweak the contrasts of the picture between highlights and shadows. Most photo editing apps come with a single tool capable of adjusting the contrast and brightness.

Also, ensure that the color saturation of your picture comes across as right and not too saturated or less saturated.  

  • Try and enhance the picture’s emotion, and this is where the filters apply. It should come at the tail end of your picture editing process after fixing problems and balancing the colors and brightness. 
  • Consider the outcome of the editing process and share the picture. It’s important to ponder the whole picture afresh after finishing the editing process. You can determine if the picture reflects what you had envisioned before the edits.


Editing can prove fun and satisfying when you realize the intended picture quality. further, taking into account everything discussed, you’ll be on your way to realizing your dream picture.

Daniel Odoh
Daniel Odoh

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