ProductivityWhat Is Webinar Marketing, and Why Should You Care About It?

What Is Webinar Marketing, and Why Should You Care About It?

One of the best ways to present your product to your target audience is to present it directly. This way, the whole presentation seems more spontaneous and somewhat less scripted. Moreover, the subsequent Q&A section will provide everyone with just the right dose of interaction and provide you with some invaluable feedback. All of this can be achieved through webinar marketing.

The key thing to bear in mind here is that webinar marketing gives you a chance to discuss your product with your customers in real-time. This means that while it takes a video format, it’s vastly different from your video marketing and provides you with more diversification. 

How Webinar Marketing Can Boost Your Products

With all of this in mind and without further ado, here’s how you can use online seminars in order to boost the performance and appeal of your products.

  1. Diversifying your content

First of all, webinars are probably something that you haven’t done before and they’re definitely something that the majority of your competitors aren’t doing. Therefore, they’re great for diversifying your content.

Second, the recyclability of content is a topic of huge importance that not enough people are talking about. You can use the transcript of your webinar in order to make a blog post. This is an incredibly time-saving concept, seeing as how, on average, it took 4 hours and 1 minute to produce a blog post in 2021. Moreover, you can take one of your old blog posts and recycle it into a topic (with bullet points) for your webinar.

Overall, the more different formats you get out there, the more credible your overall online presence will appear. Also, you get to approach different audience types with different content format preferences and on different devices.

  1. You can outsource it

Now, the biggest concern that the majority of companies, playing with the idea of starting webinar marketing, have been regarding their capabilities to handle this tricky situation. Hosting a webinar is not a simple thing, which means that they may doubt their technical and talent capacity for running this project.

Fortunately, you can choose to have managed webinars, thus effectively outsourcing this aspect of your marketing. This way, you get experts on the job and ensure that the task will be handled to the highest standards possible.

The importance of this lies in the fact that your work doesn’t end with producing the content. Even if you do produce it, you still need someone to help you handle the rest of the marketing related to it. We’re talking about the SEO regarding your webinars, promotion of live-streamed events, etc. By delegating this task to someone else, you’re simplifying your own role in your company’s marketing.

  1. Good for brand awareness

There’s a massive difference between brand awareness and brand recognition. You see, brand recognition rests on your ability to recognize a certain brand by its markings and products. Brand awareness, on the other hand, involves you getting more familiar with the brand in question.

Simply put, brand recognition is the first step in this process, which means that it’s a lot more superficial. So, how do you scratch beneath the surface? Through the discourse that is inherent in the format of a webinar, a deeper understanding and a more in-depth explanation of the process are present.

Second, the webinar has a more conversational format, which means that people are more immersed. Seeing as how they feel like participants in a dialogue, they’re more likely to pay attention to whatever you’re saying. This way, the message that you’re sending gets received far more reliably. In other words, audience engagement is bound to rise, as well.

  1. Facilitating customer lifecycle

According to one popular marketing theory, it takes a potential lead a while to become a paying customer. First comes brand recognition, then brand awareness, and after this, they have a chance of buying. According to the rule of seven, it takes an average of seven interactions between you and their brand for them to become a paying customer.

What webinars do is facilitate this process quite a bit. You see, seeing as how they’re more immersive, more engaging, and feel more intimate, people are quicker to trust these sources of information. This means that it takes fewer instances in order to generate the same level of trust.

  1. All the prerequisites are already there

This raises one major question – how do you know that hosting a webinar is a good idea? 

  • First of all, if you have exclusive knowledge to share, hosting a webinar will help turn this knowledge into an asset. 
  • Second, when you need to teach your users how to use your products in order to raise customer satisfaction, this can turn into an invaluable asset.
  • Third, when your intention is to establish a relationship based on deeper intimacy and trust with your audience, talking face-to-face (even in a digital environment), is a great idea.

Overall, it’s just an estimate of your current assets and their comparison with your intentions.

In conclusion

In the end, investing in webinar marketing is a logical choice for anyone who has done any research on the subject matter. It doesn’t take too much time and effort from the rest of your tasks, (especially when outsourced) and it generates a great deal of value for your brand. Overall, it’s a unique way of strengthening your overall brand’s standing even further.

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