What Is Your Home Missing?

If you are wondering what your home might be missing, this short and informative read is guaranteed to help you find something that your home is missing

Being a homeowner is not as easy as the dream you would have once had in your mind. Thinking about freedom, security, the comfort. It is enough to make anyone find the cash to invest in a property. But the novelty of owning your own home soon wears off; instead, you’re left with the reality of being a homeowner. While you will experience comfort and security, you will also experience the reality of maintaining a modern home. 

Depending on your home size, this can be an absolute nightmare. But since the investment you will have made would have set you back thousands of dollars, it becomes essential to think about all of the things your home might be missing. From cleaning hacks to giving yourself peace of mind if an appliance breaks, there are plenty of things to learn about being a homeowner.

If you are wondering what your home might be missing, this short and informative read is guaranteed to help you find something that your home is missing. You will learn everything from the average home warranty cost to the ways that you can maximize the space within your home. Take 5 minutes to have a read of the information below!

Securing Your Investment

Securing Your Investment
Securing Your Investment

Only you will know how much money you have invested into your home so far. Or, you might have gotten to the point where you have lost track of the money you have spent on your home. As a golden rule, every homeowner should keep the expense of their home under 30% of their gross income.

Many US homeowners will know that this is not always easy to do, especially with the added expenses that crop up for broken appliances and general home repairs. If general home repairs and broken appliances account for much of the additional investment a homeowner has to make, it is a good time to think about how this can be reduced.

It isn’t feasible to pay for repairs or replacements every time an appliance breaks, which is why a home warranty will sound much more appealing to you. All you have to do is pay a monthly fee, or sometimes a one-off yearly fee, and many of the items within your home will be protected. For example, if your HVAC system was to break, the cost of the repair or replacement will be included. 

Some warranties include an excess fee, but it will be far less than you would have to pay if the repair came out of your pocket. To put it into perspective, the average HVAC system replacement cost is over 5 thousand dollars. The average home warranty cost is around $40-$60 per month, depending on the type of package that you get.

Staying on the topic of securing your investment, how secure would you say your home is now? If your home has a standard alarm, think about upgrading. The risk of home invasions is higher than it has ever been before. For that reason, you might benefit from added security systems such as exterior security cameras and intruder alert lights, and a house alarm. A house alarm helps to further enhance the protective layer of your home by sending out a loud siren in the event of a break-in, alerting you and potentially scaring off the intruder. With a combination of multiple security measures, you can increase the overall security of your home and ensure that you and your family feel safe and protected. It helps add a protective layer to your home that warns off intruders.

A Fireproof Safe

A Fireproof Safe

One of the crucial things you shouldn’t miss is having a safe at home. A safe refers to a secure storage area or lockable box container where you can keep your high-value belongings, like your fine jewelry, cash, and important documents (birth certificate, land title, etc.). 

Here are the good reasons to invest in a high-quality safe: 

  • Withstands Heat And Fire 

Fireproof safes can withstand excessive heat or temperature and flames. So, it’s best if you invest in one of the most trusted brands of fireproof safes at home. Using a fireproof safe, you can avoid unexpected damage to your belongings in case of a fire accident.  

Burglar and fire-resistant safes usually have at least one hour of fire rating. A safe with less than an hour fire rating won’t provide enough protection for money, documents, or other belongings made of paper in case of a fire incident. 

  • Deters Theft 

A fireproof safe is also a theft-deterrent because it comes with a combination of standard keys, digital keypads, or locks. 

  • Promotes Safety 

When you have a licensed gun, it’s best to store it in a safe than in your bedroom drawer to ensure that your children won’t reach it.  

  • Peace Of Mind 

If you have a hidden safe at home, you’ll gain peace of mind when traveling or when you’re away from home. This way, you know that your valuable belongings are hidden safely and securely.  

Better Storage

Better Storage

Nearly every home could benefit from better storage. After being in your home for a few years, the rooms will begin to feel smaller. That is because over the years, you will fill your home with additional furniture, decorative pieces, perhaps children and animals, and your home seems to shrink. Sometimes there comes a time to explore some of the better storage options that are out there.

 Many US homes chose to have an outhouse and use it for the storage of items that might be seasonal. For example, Christmas decorations, winter clothes, toys that don’t get played with as much, and furniture can all be stored in the outhouse. It is a great storage space away from your home that saves another room from being filled with clutter that you don’t necessarily need during the year. Many Americans tend to use their garage as their clutter storage space, but having an outhouse frees up the garage to be used for other reasons https://familychristiandoors.com/.

If you are in the UK and you want to decorate your outdoors with the best furniture, you can check on Rattan garden furniture.

Updated Heating & Cooling Systems

Updated Heating Cooling Systems

Where would we be without the modern heating and cooling systems that we have today? Well, believe it or not, unless your home is a new-build the heating and cooling systems might not be as modern as you think. The average lifespan of an air conditioning unit is around 10 to 15 years. This figure could be much lower depending on how often it is used. The older and more used heating and cooling appliances tend to not run as efficiently as they used to.

This means that your bills might be unnecessarily higher than they need to be. Don’t wait for a sign that your heating and cooling systems aren’t working. Book an inspection and see if you would be eligible for a replacement. Although an investment, you might be surprised at the added benefits of a new HVAC system if your old one isn’t functioning as it should do.

An Electrical Inspection

An Electrical Inspection

Like with your heating and cooling systems, your electrical system might need an electrical inspection. An electrical inspection gives electricians the chance to check the electrical wiring, the power outlets, circuit boards, and your appliances. US homes should have an electrical inspection every five years to ensure everything is working as it should do.

During an electrical inspection, you might find that your electrics have not been running as efficiently as they should do, and perhaps a circuit board needs changing or loose wiring needs replacing. Until you have an electrical inspection, you don’t know what your home is missing!


Hopefully, you will have noticed something that your home is missing. If it is not included above, this post should have got you thinking about what your home could be missing!

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