Why Should You Hire a Theft Lawyer?

Have you been charged with theft? Then you need a Raleigh theft lawyer to safeguard your rights. Before you talk to anyone after your arrest, make sure you speak to a lawyer. Below is more information about the benefits of having a theft defense attorney at your side. 

They Know the Legal System

Criminal defense attorneys specializing in theft and robbery cases are experts in this law area. They have many years of experience in criminal law and know all the North Carolina justice system aspects. They have a better chance than you of building a strong defense. 

Your attorney will look at the facts of your theft case and look at all the evidence against you. They can look for holes in the evidence that can work to your advantage. Remember that the state prosecutor must prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. This means that a good theft attorney can often find ways to create doubt in the jury’s minds. 

If you don’t know much about criminal and legal procedures, you might not understand the gravity of the charges or the consequences. But when you have an expert in criminal defense lawyer working for you, you’re more likely to either get the case dismissed or charges reduced. 

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They Know Tactics and People in the Justice System

One of the keys to winning a legal case is knowing everyone involved in the case. A good criminal defense attorney is familiar with district prosecutors and judges. 

If you ever think you can defend yourself, know that you are going into the legal system blind. You won’t know anyone you deal with during court appearances and other legal proceedings. Most prosecutors know you are likely to be convicted when you do not have an attorney. 

Skilled theft attorneys work often with prosecutors and judges so they know how each person operates. They are familiar with the best arguments to persuade them as well as things that turn them off. There is nothing wrong with the attorney using this information to your advantage; it’s one of the biggest reasons you are paying him in the first place. 

Having this in-depth knowledge of everyone involved in the case means you will have a smarter and better defense. Sometimes your attorney will be able to negotiate a plea deal based in part on the relationship he or she has with the prosecutor. 

They Protect You

State prosecutors in North Carolina work hard to convict theft and robbery cases. They will try to convict you and get you the harshest penalty possible. Unless you want to spend at least a year or two in jail, you are wise to hire a theft attorney to represent you. 

It is also upsetting if you are accused of a crime you did not do. A good attorney is your protection against tough, aggressive prosecutors. They will help show that you are innocent of the crime to avoid jail time and fines. 

But if you are guilty and convicted, it still helps to have a good defense attorney; they can possibly reduce your sentence, such as probation. 

They Save You Money 

You might think hiring an attorney is expensive, but you will need to spend a lot of time handling your defense. It takes many, many hours to construct a good theft charge defense. That is time you cannot spend working and providing for your family. 

Keep these benefits in mind if you are charged with a theft or robbery. 

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