Why Should You Select Progressive Web Applications?

PWA is a mixture of the app and website features. It’s a kind of website that works as well as shows like a native application. It functions offline, fast, carries push notifications, and you can also insert it into the home screen of your mobile phone.

Not like a native app, a PWA is a combination technique of designing a platform that works like a website and an app. You will not be able to download PWAs from an application store. But, they are fast as well as simple to use, like native applications.

Since mobile phones are the major traffic source, particularly for eCommerce stores, progressive web app development services may be a superior resolution for sellers predicting more conversions.

Understanding the Significance of Progressive Web Application

  1. Progressive web applications (PWA) are the form of web apps that seem like native mobile apps — they contain responsive design as well as give push notifications. PWA is developed using CSS, HTML5, and JavaScript technologies. They work offline repeatedly without any requirement to install them. The installation of them can be done from various places and have the ability to work across many devices. Due to these features, PWAs make web browsing fast, consistent, prompt as well as engaging.
  2. The Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome support PWA. Still, different other browsers including Internet Explorer 11 and Safari are not so far completely supporting PWA but are trying on making it possible. If you want to convert your app to PWA then you should design it on HTML 5 app and make sure it works fine in every browser.
  3. PWAs are not only helpful for recent browsers but also supportive for older types of IE. You may have observed that some websites are built up on progressive technology which does not seem slow while others do. Well, this happens because end users who improved their browsers might not have upgraded their plugins. Some old plugins contain Silverlight plugin, Flash Player plugin, and Java plug-in, which could avoid your website from being displayed appropriately.
  4. In addition to their speed, reliability, and convenience of use, PWAs also provide security advantages over traditional apps. With the improved usage of smartphones, people tend to store private information online which makes their privacy unsafe. This can cause loss of money and identity stealing. PWAs support keeping the user data secure and safe while offering convenience and availability.
  5. The most excellent part about designing a PWA is that it takes less time than developing a regular app. You have to focus on creating the UX and making sure your code should be fresh and planned.

To sum up, designing a PWA is simple and enjoyable! And, if you want your site to rank better, you should think about implementing a PWA on your website.

Advantages of Progressive Web Application

Progressive Web Application is any website that can run on both mobile devices as well as desktop browsers. These apps are built up to reply to user actions on touch screens and give a reliable experience across dissimilar platforms. 


The primary advantage of using PWA is speed. The users always expect to see a quick loading time when they visit your site from their tablets or smartphones. This is where PWAs shine. They utilize HTML5 app features like Push Notifications and Service Workers to load pages immediately. Another advantage is caching. As opposed to usual websites which need servers to contain static content, PWAs cache their contents locally, making the page reachable even if offline.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Another best advantage of PWAs is cross-platform similarity. Since mobile internet access has become worldwide because almost all people use tablets and smartphones nowadays. Though, all websites are not designed in the best way to look good on small screens. The concern lies within how they were designed. Traditional websites are intended to work only through browsers such as Firefox and Google Chrome. With the support of PWAs, they can also work well in both IOS and Android systems.

Offline mode

It is noticeable that under doubtful network conditions websites are limited to showing information appropriately. But, with the help of PWA in offline mode, you can store the information offline throughout their final online session.


The Cost – Effectiveness is one of the most beneficial features of using a PWA for your business. Small businesses can discover a response to their business demands with PWA that also fits their budget. As the technology stack utilized in designing is mainly open-source, plus the support from vast JavaScript library operations supports to carry exceptional services.

Various businesses are considering PWA as their choice for native mobile apps and are achieving outstanding results. For example, a very famous beverage chain Starbucks released its PWA, which collects two times new users ordering their coffees online. And between these users, various users utilizing it on mobile as well as on the desktop are the same.

Low Data Usage

Progressive Web Apps contain a small amount of data compared to native apps. Additionally, PWAs can be inserted into the home screen directly from the browser. Hence, they inhabited extensively lesser device storage space. As a consequence, the user saves a lot of ROM and offers improved performance on their smartphones.

Flexibility and Responsiveness

The responsiveness and flexibility of Progressive Web Apps may impact your selection. PWAs contain a responsive layout. So, it does not matter what device you use, your website’s design must comply with its size and resolution.

Extraordinary user experience can support improving online sales as well as retaining more promising buyers. Flexibility harmonizes with the mobile-first process depending on addressing the selection of your targeted mobile audience. The mobile-responsive websites contain more opportunities to attract customers’ attention and keep engaging them.

No Updates Required on the Users’ End

Nothing like native apps, when the user starts to utilize it then updates on PWAs happen to activate. It is much like viewing a customized/updated website as it loads on-demand. Hence, the update procedure is also prompt as well as it doesn’t need App or Play Store approval.

Secure Payments

PWA also offers security-related paybacks to e-commerce companies. People choose the option of online shopping now a day there is no doubt about it. Nevertheless, tedious and bulging check-out procedures may stop them from finishing an online purchase as well as ignore their carts and it generally happens due to the addition of Payment Request API with a browser. There is no check-out form in the PWA payment method, and this supports buyers to finish their purchases instantly and customers can experience secure and quick payments. 

Easy to Maintain

Suppose you want to design individual applications for play stores and IOS. In that case, you will have to pay a huge amount for hiring a developer for a long-lasting period because the app needs continuous monitoring, regular error fixes as well as up-gradation. On the other hand, PWAs are cost-effective and save your pocket, and you can upgrade them by identifying their requirements for different browsers.

Send Push Notifications

Progressive web applications can also support engaging more customers by helping to schedule and send push notifications. Push notifications are one of the great ways of informing users about the offers and latest features and to return to the app solution and utilize it again.

Hence, the PWA makes it simpler to make use of this operation without having to change to the native application.

No app store submission

You can roll out the latest updates and you don’t need to wait for the approval. It supports you to roll out updates frequently which is not possible with conventional mobile apps at present.

Final Words

Progressive web apps are a capable technology that can either be utilized as a substitute for native apps or as a means to get better existing websites. This is one of the trendiest options which people are using worldwide. Build a progressive web application with the great assistance of Groovy Web and make your development productive. This is one of the most recommended company to get the best pwa development service

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