Best 4 WordPress Plugins for today’s content marketers

WordPress counts among the best content management systems today, boasting more than 55,000 plugins. That is an amazing number to behold. 

These plugins are encompassing, with several marketing niches having their distinctive plugins. The content writer working with WordPress has his designated plugins, same with the marketer, as far as the programmer looking for the slickest main menu

WordPress plugins, from their technical build, enable you, the user, to enjoy improved functionalities using WordPress

And when it peculiarly comes to developing and managing content on WordPress, there are certain plugins you should be using to make your job much easier with marvelous returns. 

Let us examine some of the plugins you could integrate to create great content that appeals more to your audience.

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The first we will be looking at is WP Keyword Suggest

The WP Keyword Suggest is a leading SEO plugin. When it narrows down to content, this plugin greatly benefits your business. 

From the way it works, it helps you with suggested keywords that would improve the engagement of your content. These keywords are picked from Yahoo, Bing, Google (and others) from autocomplete searches. 

The fluidity of the WP Keyword Suggest plugin is worth mentioning, worthily a standout point. It brings ease to locating the keywords you could build your content around to drive more engagement. 

With this plugin, you are not just recklessly churning out posts, but particularly posts that appeal more to your audience.

While we can’t definitely prescribe WP Keyword Suggest as the best out there for the Yoast plugin, we can say it would be a great addition. 

Moreover, this plugin comes at no cost as it is free to use. More than the ready affordability, this plugin is compatible with the latest versions of MySQL, PHP, as well as WordPress versions, going as far as to be compatible with WordPress 6.0. 

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Jetpack is an indispensable plugin you should have for great content

If the discussion is on content plugins for WordPress, there is no way Jetpack should be missing from the talk. 

Jetpack WordPress plugin
Jetpack WordPress plugin

Jetpack comes with a vast stretch of features allowing you to enjoy an extensive bout of functionalities. There is a lot for you to gain from using Jetpack, particularly in maintaining track of your traffic generation.

Fortified with unique features like Configurable widgets down to Custom CSS, there is a lot on the table that Jetpack offers content developers. 

You could speed up your site, you can even increase your website traffic while giving you the facility to keep up with the statistical documentation website data like knowing your number of views. 

Also, in a world where hackers are scouring the world for prey, Jetpack largely protects its users from unpermitted intrusion into your privacy.

It is free to users, just as it is in WP Keyword Suggest. Jetpack is as well compatible with WordPress 4.4 or more recent versions.

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The next we will be looking at is Contextual Related Posts 

Contextual Related Posts has an excellent reputation among content developers using WordPress. Contextual Related Posts boasts a lot of top features that make it very valuable. Among these highly-rated features are shortcodes, CSS styles, and even thumbnails. 

The automation Contextual Related Posts brings is like no other. With the plugin’s design, you can easily find posts that are associated with the current post, even adding such associated posts to the region of your theme that bears widgets. 

Contextual Related Posts is also very versatile. Leveraging its extendable codes, this widget allows you to make your desired alterations to your outputs as well as bring in more features.

The feature CSS style gives you the capacity to tweak the style. For all these magnanimous features, it is highly benevolent that this plugin comes to us to use at no cost. 

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Related Posts Slider is another plugin that is worth mentioning

Slider blog posts are becoming more popular and more commonly used. One of such plugin behind the scene making this functionality possible is the Related Posts Slider. This plugin can be invariably inserted in any desired part of your blog post. 

Among its audacious features is its compatibility with the WordPress Related Posts plugin. There is also the choice of using widget options enhanced with CSS customization, which you can access from the setting panel. 

With this plugin, you also have the ability to preset themes. 

The most recent version of the Related Posts Slider is Version 3.2. This plugin is compatible with the latest WordPress versions. This plugin is of tremendous value when you earn some revenue from your website while boosting your traffic.

So here you go. These are the best WordPress plugins for the content marketer aiming to produce fantastic content on WordPress that ranks well on search engines while assuring the visitor of a memorable user experience.

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