Create free online infographics: the 5 best tools

Do you need to tell a story but want a different form of communication? Try the infographics! Here are the best 5 free online tools to make winning and engaging infographics.

Why tell a story or show information related to a news story or a contemporary historical event simply by using words? Especially when today, you can use many graphic and visual tools that help to tell your stories better?

It is the case of infographics, an immediate and aesthetically pleasing means of communication that has the task of making a topic clearer through a kind of scheme with texts, images, and diagrams. 

On the web, there are many useful resources to create infographics online for free in a few steps and in the simplest way. We have selected for you the best 5 tools that will help you create truly eye-catching infographics.

6 free online tools not to be missed to make infographics

Edraw Max

Edraw Max is one of the best Visio alternative diagrams software, you will find numerous infographic templates with different subjects that you could use directly, it’s friendly for beginners. in addition, you could export and import Visio files, here are 12 kinds of files formates you could choose to export, it’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and online version.


Infogram is a very useful tool to create simple, dynamic, and captivating infographics thanks to the presence of fundamental objects and icons to make your project as complete as possible,. The choice of templates is very wide, as well as the possibility of adding various objects (graphics, icons, videos, etc.) is very interesting. Used by many newspapers and non-profit organizations, it requires registration and is free.


This is another one of the most emerging tools for creating interactive infographics, especially if you want to communicate data and statistics. DesignCap stands out for its simplicity of use as well as the ability to view the infographics anywhere via the sharing link. is easy and immediate, one of the best programs to create infographics, which allows a personalization of the objects and elements to be inserted, as well as offering a guide that will teach you to create infographics in very few simple steps. The pre-set templates offer opportunities to tell “visual” stories or explain topics with simplicity and immediacy. Completely free and usable immediately. is perhaps one of the most interesting and complete tools to create infographics. It is not a case that to fully enjoy it, you need to pay in order to take advantage of additional elements and components. Once you have registered for the resource for free, you will be able to move around the editor and rely on your creativity to create very attractive infographics. Used by the main media, this tool will allow you to tell real stories or create campaigns with a sure impact.

Creately can be used directly online (registration is not necessary). This tool is very useful for creating diagrams and collecting statistics, thanks to a mini-guide that, in the beginning, will explain to you how to carry out your project. With over 50 diagrams and hundreds of icons to choose from, this tool certainly deserves to be in the top 6 of the best resources for creating infographics.

Now that you are spoiled for choice. We advise you to test them all to understand which tool is best suited to your needs.

John Daniel
Android biggest Fan and a Tech Nerd

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