SoftwareShould I Use a Game Tracker?

Should I Use a Game Tracker?

Game trackers have been making a bit of noise recently and it’s interesting to see why. Downloading an extra piece of kit to help you see more details within Valorant has its merits, and will certainly give you more chances to win, but is it right for you?

Choosing the right game tracker is a difficult decision, but one made easier by our useful advice.

Get the Right Information

The whole point of using a tracker is to know more information than the game would normally show you. They display extra states and info, which could help you make better decisions and increase your win percentage. It all sounds great, and when you find the right tracker, it only shows the info you will care about.

One thing to consider when you are looking for a tracker is the curse of too much game information. Do you have the time in real gameplay to process all of the extra info, can you limit it down to the four or five pieces of data which you really need to know and remove all the fluff?

Be Sure of What You’re Downloading

There is always one big warning when it comes to using any third-party software inside any game, let alone Valorant. Check that you won’t be banned from using it. The biggest worry is that you have managed to download a cheat third-party piece of software and it’s going to be making the gameplay unfair for the other players.

Check that the tracker you’re using is recognised and approved by the game maker. Find one that is in general use and don’t just find the first one you can click on in Google. Let’s just say that not all game trackers are created equal and not all downloads do what they say they will do. Check this Valorant tracker guide before you download.

Is It Cheating?

Some of the stats you will see on a tracker will really shape your gameplay. The tracker extends the knowledge you have right now from just your stats to that of your teammates and your enemies. Imagine walking into a match and seeing the opposition’s ranks, agent win rate, or a whole host of other useful stats. Would it affect the way you play against them? You bet it would.

 If you’re playing against someone with a headshot percentage above 70%, would you choose to play a different way or a different weapon. If you could see their most used weapons, would you change the tactics and attack from a different place? There’s nothing wrong in knowing more about your opposition, especially when it can influence how you play the game.

Sometimes the easiest thing is not to do anything at all, but in the case of a game tracker, that isn’t the right thing to do. Use the guide and find the right tracker for you. Find the one which shows you the info you need and only the info you need. Then go out and play hard. 

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