Latest tech tools for skincare in 2023

If you are starting a skincare company, you’ve probably already seen many of the latest tech tools for skincare. However, there are those still-in-testing tools that seem almost too good to be true. We are excited to see how these newest tools will morph in the future and, especially, how they will perform right now in 2023. If you are starting a skincare company, use our business plan template to capture an excellent business plan.

Latest tech tools for skincare in 2023

latest tech tools for skincare

Check out our listing of the newest, brightest and most productive tech tools for skincare. 

Ultrasonic Facial Wands

You may have already seen these ultrasonic scooping tools in various video presentations, as they are wildly popular this year. The tool is sculpted to look like a small spoon and is designed to exfoliate and improve the circulation of the skin, in addition to aiding lymphatic flow. In general, the tool performs the functions of a facial massage tool that assists in removing toxins from the lymph system. Skin remains clear and free of clogged pores as a result.

VR Makeup Platform

The concept behind this virtual reality platform is that the user can “try on” various makeup and skincare products to see a virtual picture of the results. The platform allows users to make adjustments to the shades and color intensity of the makeup applications, which create a customized look very close to a reality-based image. This product is for skincare business owners, as it will assist customers in choosing skincare and makeup quickly and efficiently, while the skincare consultant offers palette choices or makes suggestions. 

Augmented Reality Skincare Routine App

A new app, soon to be on the retail market, is the basis for a personalized skincare routine. Augmented reality is utilized as an investigative tool to study the skin type and shape of the face. Based on the results, the app digs into artificial intelligence to offer personalized care suggestions for improvements. Consumers receive suggested treatments; including facial massage, skincare and lifting exercises. 

Multi-use Smart Devices

Some wildly innovative skincare devices have just entered the market to blow away the competing products. Priced up to $1,000, these multi-functional devices are for those who are dedicated to their skincare. Various technologies are included in the multiphasic tools; including ultrasonic vibration, LED therapy, ion treatment and heat therapy. The ultrasonic vibrations create the massage element of the device and support the remainder of the therapies included in the high-end products. 

Touch-trigger Perfume

It’s doubtful your parents would recognize this handy perfume dispersion system. Smart perfume bottles are filled with perfumes of the consumer’s choice, then controlled by an app to apply the perfume with a touch trigger. The customer can control the aroma of the perfume or raise/lower the misting ratios. The bottles are resupplied when empty, which creates a continuity item for the manufacturer. This smart perfume is…smart!

Skin Health App

This artificial intelligence-based app monitors the health of the skin. The purpose in doing so is to monitor and solve dermatologic issues that plague older women. A skin analysis is performed to determine the skincare changes needed and the suggested products are sent directly to the customer after the consultation. The app also includes tips and tools for day-to-day skincare routines. 

Skin Analysis Devices

Cosmetic mirrors and skin analyzers are now reading and prescribing skincare solutions. Artificial intelligence and 3D technologies have joined forces to create these tech devices to find solutions for a wide array of skin issues. The mirrors and skin analyzers require an app to partner with them, which offer advice and further information for skincare to treat specific conditions.

Smart Nail Polish Tech

One of the most exciting products on the market isn’t exactly skincare, but it’s certainly a distant cousin. For this reason, we are including it in this list of tech tools for skincare. The smart nail polish is composed of a press-on set of nails that are ultra-thin, low-power screens. These screens are visible without a battery, and the app included offers customized color and nail art. 

Virtual Makeup

This mobile app allows customers to wear virtual makeup without actually having to apply it. The intention is, of course, to try on several “looks” that customers may like and then to purchase the makeup. The app also makes recommendations for purchases that the customers may like, based on their skin colors and condition.

Wrapping Up the latest tech tools for skincare

With all the virtual and artificial intelligence assistance, you can see the skincare business taking a big leap into the future. If you want to consider a different way to introduce skincare to your clients, you may want to consider how to start a skincare business online In any configuration, skincare products have changed; it’s time we change with it. 

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