How Technology And Digital Is Changing The Supply Chain: A Critical Analysis

In the last few years, companies have been subject to experiencing both increasing opportunities and heightened challenges. The role of digital media in expanding business operations, the changing nature of customer demands, and the innovations in transportation have all emerged as growth avenues as well as obstacles.

In the last few years, supply chains have moved beyond the realm of operations and evolved into something new. They have emerged as hubs of technological innovations where objectives have been centred around-

  • Greater streamlining of efficiency and performance
  • Focussing on time management and deadlines
  • Improves customer satisfaction and expectations
  • Integrating data and learning from the different verticals

In this article, we will explore how technology and digital are changing supply chain management.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain Management

According to leading experts, at the heart of supply chain management lies the role of AI. In the last few years, the integration of AI in this sector has been done at breakneck speeds. AI is helping in bringing about a revolution in the way decision-making functions in this area.

It is helping create an informed ecosystem between the production, distribution, and supply systems. This is helping in promoting better efficiency and allowing for faster delivery times.

In the next few years, the predictive ability of AI will signal the next set of transformations and disruptions in the industry. For example, with AI playing an integral role in supply chain optimization, modern businesses create leaner, fitter, and more performance-oriented systems.

Digital Platforms and Growth Stories: What you should know

There is no doubt that the rise of digital platforms and avenues has helped this sector grow exponentially. Many logistics companies have been able to find new growth opportunities and clients thanks to digital platforms.

For example, if someone wants to add their business and partner with a delivery company, all they need to do is visit the website of the company. They will find all the details, pricing strategies, and guarantees that come with the industry.

Digital has also enabled easy tracking and end-to-end monitoring of goods and products. A simple bar code can throw information about practically concerning the product. This is good not only for the manufacturing companies but also for the end customer.

The Major Advantages of Technology in Supply Chain Management

In this section, we are going to list down some of the benefits of integrating technology in the supply chain-

  1. Technology has promoted better transparency between brands and customers. For example, ordering something online means knowing when it will arrive and where it will get shipped to. This makes the customer feel safe and content about online purchasing.
  2. The advent of technology in supply chains has made the entire process start to finish faster. This has allowed businesses to finish one task and then move on to the next. Faster times have been able to create better customer experiences.
  3. Another major benefit of technology is the impact on improved communications that it has. Every link of the chain in the entire process is aware and can be coordinated with technological advancements.
  4. Integration of various stakeholders such as packaging companies, transportation agencies, and manufacturing has become robust thanks to technology. Man-made mistakes and coordination troubles have been eliminated majorly.
  5. Technology has also allowed businesses to learn and develop accordingly. Data has become a significant marker for modern businesses and has enabled them to learn from their present actions and grow into the future.

The Bottom Line

In the next few years, technology and digital will continue to play a significant role in optimizing supply chain management. Areas like inventory optimization have benefitted deeply from technology. Technology has also helped businesses reduce costs. If you have any other AI, data, or supply chain questions, please do not hesitate to ask us in the comments section below.

Daniel Odoh
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