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Use iBoysoft Data Recovery Software to Recover Photos

by Ifeanyi Okondu
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Today, I am going to show you how to Use iBoysoft Data Recovery software to recover photos.

Nowadays, people are used to using photos to record important moments in life. The photo is more than just a picture. Some people even record information by taking pictures. For example, students take pictures to take notes in class. 

However, the retention of digital memory is always prone to accidents. Despite our efforts to protect our images, accidental deletion or loss of photos has become a common phenomenon. In fact, you don’t have to worry too much when your photos are lost. Lost photos can be easily retrieved when you use the right method. If you are looking for a solution to recover photos, this article can help you a lot.

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How to recover deleted and lost photos?

When the photo is lost, your wrong operation may cause the photo to disappear permanently. So when you are at a loss about retrieving lost photos, downloading data recovery software is a safe and effective solution. The question is how to choose the right data recovery software. iBoysoft Data Recovery is a choice for you. It has a 99% success rate of restoring data and is 100% safe.

Advantages of iBoysoft Data Recovery Software

You can recover your lost photo for free through iBoysoft Data Recovery software. After downloading it, you can scan and preview the data in the storage which your lost photos for free. Most importantly, it provides each user with a free recovery service of 1GB of data. It means that you can at least recover hundreds of photos for free with iBoysoft Data Recovery software. 

It can recover your lost data from internal and external storage devices. Whether your photos are stored on the computer’s internal hard drive, HDD, SSD, USB Drive, CF card, SD card, memory card, or digital camera, it can help you retrieve them. What’s more, it supports NTFS, FAT32, exFAT, APFS, HFS, HFSX, HFS+, FAT32, and exFAT files system.

It supports photo loss in various situations. It can recover the photos disappear after they are emptied from the Recycle Bin/Trash or “permanently” deleted from portable disks, digital cameras, and other storage devices. Moreover, they can rescue lost photos from corrupted disks, formatted drives, unreadable drives, etc. 

It easy to use. After downloading the software, it only takes three simple steps to successfully restore your lost photos. And the interface is very simple and clear; even users with no experience in data recovery can complete the operation smoothly.

How to recover your lost data through iBoysoft Data Recovery software?

The following are the steps for the Windows version. The operation method of the Mac version is similar, so Mac users can refer to it.

Step 1. Download and install the matching version of iBoysoft Data Recovery software for your Windows PC or Mac.

Step 2. Launch iBoysoft Data Recovery and select the drive from which you lost or deleted your photos. If your photo is deleted by mistake, make sure that Deep Scan in the lower-left corner is not checked. And if your photo is lost accidentally, Deep Scan is the proper solution.

iBoysoft Data Recovery software

iBoysoft Data Recovery software

Step 3. Double-click the scan result menu on the left to preview the file. Choose the photo you need to get back and then click the “Recover” button.


Almost every user has experienced accidental deletion or loss of photos. In fact, as long as you take the correct method as soon as possible after the photo is lost, it is easy and safe to recover the lost photo. iBoysoft Data Recovery software is always an advisable tool which can help users to recover lost photo for free. 

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