How To'sWhat is the NativeDropBoxAgent App? Can it be Stopped?

What is the NativeDropBoxAgent App? Can it be Stopped?

Are you among the numerous persons lamenting about the problems the NativeDropBoxAgent app comes with? This post is for you.

The NativeDropBoxAgent app is a factory-installed app on Android Motorola devices, and unless your device is rooted and you know the proper working of the app, it should not be uninstalled. Rather, you can go ahead and disable the app to stop it from running.

To know more about what NativeDropBox Agent is, how harmful it is, and how to stop the app from running on your device, read further.

What is the NativeDropBoxAgent App?

NativeDropBoxAgent is an authorized software that causes serious worries and is usually found on all Motorola devices. It is not exactly useful.

Now, you should not mistake the DropBox and NativeDropBoxAgent apps as similar or the same. The former is a popular cloud storage app and is harmless; while the latter can mess with other applications on your device.

Is the NativeDropBoxAgent App Harmful?

The NativeDropBoxAgent app, in itself, is not harmful. However, the presence of the app can cause issues like:

  • Messing with other system apps
  • Lowering your device’s battery charging process
  • Internet data drainage
  • Excessive storage consumption
  • Automatic shutdown of device

How to Stop the NativeDropBoxAgent Software from Working on Your Device

To stop the NativeDropBoxAgent app from working on your device, follow these very easy and brief methods.

Method 1: Force Stopping It

Yes, this app cannot be deleted from your device because it is pre-installed, even so, you do not have to stomach the havoc it can cause.

The easiest way to stop the NativeDropBoxAgent app from running in the background is by force-stopping it.

Whenever you try to force stop an app, a warning that says “If you force stop an app, it will misbehave” usually pops up. In the case of eliminating the NativeDropBoxAgent app, this warning should be ignored. After all, reinstallation is possible.

  • Go to Settings on your device
  • Look for Apps
  • Click App Management/ Manage Apps
  • Locate the NativeDropBoxAgent app
  • Select it and click the Force Stop option

Method 2: Disable the app

Disabling the NativeDropBoxAgent app might help if it is causing trouble. You can achieve this via any of these two approaches:

1st Approach: 

  • Open your Android phone settings
  • Go to Application Manager 
  • Find NativeDropBoxAgent 
  • Tap the Uninstall Updates option

2nd Approach: 

  • Go to Settings again 
  • Again, find NativeDropBoxAgent
  • Tap it and then choose Disable 

Frequently Asked Questions (Faqs)

Q: Can I uninstall the app without rooting my Android device?

A: Unfortunately, without root access, you cannot directly uninstall NativeDropBoxAgent. The process is part of the Android system, and its functionality is crucial for system diagnostics.

Q: Can I disable NativeDropBoxAgent?

A: Yes, you can easily disable this application from the app management system of your device. Just go through the guide mentioned above in this post.

Q: How can I minimize the impact of NativeDropBoxAgent on battery life?

A: You can’t stop NativeDropBoxAgent, but you can limit its impact by reducing the frequency of system events it logs. Go to Settings > Developer options (if not visible, tap on “Build number” in About phone multiple times to enable) and adjust the settings under “Logging” or “Bug reports.” Keep in mind that altering these settings may affect the system’s ability to diagnose issues.


The NAtiveDropBoxAgent software is only found on Motorola Android devices. Even though it is designed to manage the cloud storage app on Motorola devices, the app is disposable.

While this factory-installed app may not be harmful per se, its presence can lead to issues like interfering with system apps to draining your device’s internet data and battery.

It’s important to note that uninstalling the NativeDropBoxAgent app without root access is not possible. However, you can regain some control by force-stopping or disabling the app to reduce its impact.

Hopefully, this article has given you a quick and effective fix to the NativeDropBoxAgent app problem.

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