How ToRootingSamsung

How To Root Samsung Galaxy J7

How To Root Samsung Galaxy J7

How to root Samsung Galaxy J700, J700F, J700F/DS, J700H/DS, J700M, J700M/DS, J700T, J700P.

Today I will be telling you how to root to root any version of Samsung Galaxy J7.

This is one of the easiest ways to root Samsung phones same with Samsung Galaxy J7.

Before rooting your phone, I believe you have known what rooting is all about and how it will unlock your phone to greatness.

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There are many benefits of rooting a smartphone.

We don’t root phones just because we want to or just because our friends rooted theirs and we want to do the same, NO, but I guess most times, the best reason is best known to the individual.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy J700, J700F, J700F/DS, J700H/DS, J700M, J700M/DS, J700T, J700P.

  • Download Samsung USB Drivers
  • Install the Samsung USB drivers to your PC
  • Download the root files meant for rooting of Samsung Galaxy J7.
  • Extract the root file to your PC or computer Desktop for easy navigation.
  • The root files contain the software for rooting Samsung Galaxy J7 which includes Odin, Samsung galaxy J7 recovery image and few files.
  • Power off your phone.
  • Go to the extracted folder where you extracted root files for Samsung Galaxy J7.
  • Launch Odin.
  • Get a working USB cord( A USB that can detect your Samsung Galaxy J7 to your PC).
  • Put your Samsung Galaxy J7 to DOWNLOAD MODE.
  • You can do that by Pressing Volume Down button, Menu Button, and Power Button all at the same time for some seconds till it boots to Download Mode.
    [/media-credit] Samsung-Galaxy-Download-Mode-warning


  • Open Odin and connect Your Samsung Galaxy J7 to the PC.
  • Once it’s added, Odin will detect it as added.
    [/media-credit] Odin-device-added-for-Samsung-Galaxy


  • Check the ID: COM to know if the phone is detected.
  • Click on AP to look for the recovery you want to flash.
  • The recovery is in .tar format.
    recovery odin for samsung phones
    [/media-credit] ODIN


  • there are some options that you need to check and uncheck before starting
    Uncheck options on Odin samsung Galaxy
    [/media-credit] Uncheck options on Odin Samsung Galaxy
  • You can use the option in the picture, it is an option.
  • Then click the Start to flash recovery to your Samsung Galaxy J7.
  • On your phone, press the volume up button to start flashing the recovery.
  • It takes few seconds for it to flash recovery to your phone.
    [/media-credit] Samsung-Galaxy-Odin-Flash-complete
  • Once it is done, your phone will automatically reboot.
  • check your Samsung Galaxy J7 to see a SuperSU app on your Phone.

To flash recovery To your Samsung Galaxy J7, you can follow the same procedure above to flash recovery to Samsung Galaxy J7.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy J7

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