Salesforce Automation: Let Us Look at Examples


Salesforce is the platform with which users can maximize their success in sales, service, marketing, analytics, and customer communications. With this platform, anyone can run their business from anywhere. It has standard products and features that enable full communication and collaboration with employees and customers. At the same time, all work data is securely stored in the cloud. 

Thanks to salesforce automation software by PandaDoc, you can fully optimize the way you run your business. In practice, the level of sales increases, and the quality of customer service improves. 

Today, there are so many companies that offer the possibility of:

  • store data in the clouds;
  • keep track of statistics;
  • perform various tasks.

The most popular platform is rightfully considered to be Salesforce. At the moment, based on official statistics, software by SalesForceDotCom is used by about twenty percent of large, well-known corporations. 

SFDC software began to enjoy particular popularity after its developers ceased to regard themselves as a CRM platform. They managed to combine several areas under one umbrella. This is a unified network that offers different services aimed at management. Naturally, such a platform became relevant for huge corporations, which are known all over the world. 

How Salesforce Helps Businesses Grow

Salesforce has grown in importance in the IT market over the past few years. Today, more than 150,000 companies around the world use the platform. 

What are the benefits of Salesforce? In fact, there are a lot of them, and the companies that take advantage of using this possibility have long appreciated them. The main ones include:

  • Analyzing the vastness of human resources: Companies use the platform to identify different customer needs.
  • Accounting calculations: With such a platform, it’s easy to manage payroll, work with suppliers, track assets, and more. The right approach effectively reduces manual work and significantly increases a company’s revenue.
  • Effective forecasts: The platform collects useful data, which in practice is used for full-fledged business forecasts. This is especially important for those in management positions. 
  • Workflow automation: A special tool in conjunction with artificial intelligence helps modify, automate, and improve workflows.
  • Authorization and social media monitoring: The Salesforce platform offers a variety of tools and processes to help you improve your social media presence.
  • Data Cleansing:  This process includes tasks such as removing duplicate records, standardizing formats, validating data entries, and updating outdated information.

Salesforce can rightfully be called the perfect tool for effective analysis in order to further connect potential customers. 

Examples of Automation That Remain Relevant To This Day 

Unfortunately, in practice, it is not always possible to fully automate work processes but with the help of individual platforms and tools, you can bring yourself closer to the main goal. 

The most common example of automation is the proper distribution of tasks and communication. All of these, in turn, fall into three main subcategories:

  1. Contact with clients: Regular orders, effectively executed work, automatically created presentations, pleasant visualization, etc., help to inspire confidence on the part of the client. When a company manages to fully establish a system of communication with customers, then there is high growth and, naturally, an increase in profits against a background of minimal cost.
  2. Implementation of internal tasks and circulation of files among employees: Today, this direction is particularly advantageous for the workflow orchestrator because here, it is important not only to monitor the schedule but also to effectively distribute responsibilities among employees. Thanks to automatic schedules, managers can always monitor the activity of employees and determine their importance in the development of the company. 
  3. Working with contractors: This point should not be neglected. It is important for every company to plan purchases efficiently, organize advertising projects, and perform other useful tasks. And CRM tools, which are now always close at hand, will help in this. With their help, managers will not only see which projects are currently in progress but also keep track of the work of contractors. 

Today, the Salesforce CRM automation tool demonstrates excellent diversity, simple settings, and many advanced services.

Growth and Development of Salesforce

PandaDoc does its best to embrace the cloud business market as much as possible in the process of developing the Salesforce platform. At the same time, new areas are constantly being developed, which demonstrate high efficiency in practice. Also, developers are continuously absorbing small but promising projects, which later become an integral part of them. Why is it all needed? The fact is that, over time, this approach to different industries makes the platform relevant to many users. For example, it refers to cloud storage and the SFDC contract management system.

If we talk about cloud storage, a significant development is seen in the DataBase platform. Now, it can independently, without the help of any tools, manage multiple databases effectively. And the SFDC contract management system is an ideal way to organize sales. As soon as the developers announced it, many entrepreneurs became interested in it. Over time, it has been brought to perfection and now demonstrates four effective basic directions:

  • sale;
  • service;
  • marketing;
  • commerce.

The combination of these components may be different, yet it enables companies to conduct several projects of different directions on the basis of one network. According to experts, new directions can become relevant for many consumers. 

Ifeanyi Okondu
Ifeanyi Okondu
Ifeanyi Joseph Okondu is a Product Manager, technical writer, and creative. Connect with him on LinkedIn

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