TechnologyHow ServiceNow Can Help Your Business Grow

How ServiceNow Can Help Your Business Grow

ServiceNow is one of the leading Platform-as-a-Service ( PaaS) solutions in the corporate industry, and more importantly, it is a cloud-based PaaS. It has helped transform many companies and is the go-to solution for leading CIOs. The benefits that ServiceNow offers are pretty substantial, so it’s quite popular. But how can ServiceNow help grow your business? Let’s find out.

4 Ways ServiceNow Helps Your Business Grow

  1. It is Quite Simple and Yet Ubiquitous

Since its foundation in 2003, ServiceNow has been changing the way companies, corporates, and small businesses operate, and it has been very successful. The company quickly rose to become one of the fastest-growing software companies globally, thanks to the automated and straightforward nature of its service. ServiceNow services automate various services and the flow of work, including services such as removing redundant email or spreadsheets.

It decreases manual work and streamlines everything, but a lot of other PaaS software also does that, so what’s so unique about ServiceNow in this regard? While it’s true that a lot of companies also provide similar functions, what makes ServiceNow unique is its setup process. It requires minimal configuration to get the services of ServiceNow up and running. That means you waste less time setting up the tool and more time finding and solving potential issues that can hamper your business’s productivity.

Also, being a cloud-based PaaS solution, it needs no local resources, and that’s good in two ways. First, using cloud-based services, deploying a fully configured service to the entire network will be very fast and require minimal effort. Second, you need powerful hardware to run this service as everything will be in the cloud. This is more beneficial for small and medium businesses as they no longer need to use precious resources on hardware if they want to use ServiceNow’s PaaS service.

  1. It is Very Fast

Getting PaaS services is to automate everything and help corporates run operations faster, and ServiceNow excels in this area. ServiceNow employs a unique service-oriented lens to quickly review and automate mundane day-to-day activities, tasks, and processes. What makes the service so fast is that it is built on a solid platform and modern architecture with various powerful tools and services. No matter your database structure, ServiceNow can quickly adapt and scale much better than anything else.

  1. It Features Powerful Software Suite

You may have probably realized that ServiceNow is a powerful set of services, but what you may not know is what these services are exactly. Here is a list of a few significant benefits that ServiceNow provides.

  • Application Development

With this service, you can quickly build, test and deploy specific programs and applications either on a single device or your entire network. You can do this with little to no coding experience.

  • Field Service Management

The field service management system makes it easy to integrate essential tools into a single system, including your mail and spreadsheet. This allows you to find everything in one place, which makes the whole process hassle-free.

  • Finance Service Management

This service allows you to efficiently and quickly manage various submitted requests, such as financial reports, payroll issues, etc.

  • HR Service Management

This creates a very engaging platform that can work with your previous applications, whether for core HR or talent and workforce management. It doesn’t replace your previous HCM solution but rather works in tandem with it to make things better.

  • IT Service Management

The primary purpose of an IT service management is to consolidate and automate various service management processes, lower platform costs, and increase workflow efficiency. The ServiceNow ITSM does this beautifully, and this dramatically reduces service issues and allows businesses to focus more on customer experience.

  • Security Operations

The GRC module, also known as the Governance, Risk, and Compliance module from ServiceNow, allows corporates to prioritize vulnerabilities, manage security incidents, and effectively visualize various security investments.

  1. It Comes Equipped with an Annual Knowledge Conference

ServiceNow’s annual Knowledge Conference is held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and indulges in over 400 sessions over just 6 days. This conference is held every year, and over 20,000 attendees arrive from all over the world. But what does this conference offer anyway?

  • Service managers, thought leaders, or IT professionals are provided networking opportunities.
  • Expert ServiceNow customers mostly hold the 400 breakout sessions held every year, so it offers a lot of opportunities to learn.
  • Over 150 sponsors will be ready with their take on utilizing the ServiceNow suite of services appropriately.

Wrapping Up

ServiceNow employs various features and services to help businesses, corporates, and IT professionals, among others, with a powerful suite of tools that can help them grow. Hope this article provided you with useful information on software development services.

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