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The top 3 free apps to download for a smart TV

With the rise in popularity of smart TVs, it is no surprise why researchers reckon that 51% of households across the globe will be owners of smart TV by 2026. This percentage accumulates to around 1.1 billion households worldwide. So, what is so great about a smart TV, you ask? To break it down simply, a smart TV allows owners to access online features simply through their TV.

The TV also offers communicative features such as voice recognition as well as its main key attribute, the ability to access a range of applications. Another common question made by those purchasing a smart TV is, will I still have access to live TV? The answer to this is yes. As long as you have a working TV aerial, live TV is still very much accessible, click here for aerial installation services.

Viewers are switching from laptops, smartphones, and tablets and continuing to watch their favourite content on the big screen. Who wouldn’t want to view their favorite shows on their 60-inch screen with a simple click of a button!? Not only has this brought additional credit and popularity to smart TVs and their retailers, but, it has also increased the demand for apps that the smart TV offers. Here we will explore the free apps to download for a smart TV. 

1. Netflix  


Well, it wouldn’t be an article on apps if we didn’t start with the world-leading, marketing-dominating Netflix production company and streaming platform. The rise of Netflix over the years has been immense, and Netflix has adapted from a small DVD dealership back in the 90s to a name known and used in the majority of present-day households.

The streaming service has over 4,000 movies and just less than 2,000 shows on the platform, all of which can be accommodating to all genders, ages, and backgrounds. Everyone is guaranteed to find at least something they love. The app is one of the free apps to download for a smart TV; however, users are required to pay a monthly subscription to access the content.

Netflix used to use a promotional strategy offering viewers a free one-month trial before committing to a monthly subscription; however, as they have established their platform and more and more people know what to expect, this service is no longer needed or supplied. The chances are, if you have purchased a smart TV, you already have a Netflix account; therefore, it is only a simple case of downloading the free app, signing in, and enjoying your favorite shows. 

2. YouTube 


This platform is the go-to for most people looking to watch free content and is the platform that we believe to be the most in touch with reality. Sometimes viewers prefer raw entertainment, and this is the place to get it. YouTube features content from users all across the globe, as many people share their life through the app.

Although you can watch movies, shows, and documentary content on the app that you would also find on Netflix, YouTube allows you to connect with and watch real-life content that viewers decide to capture and broadcast to the world, which can be highly entertaining.

To access YouTube, we would advise signing up to the app and creating a profile like you would on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc. This allows you to subscribe to your favorite users and also ensures that the video suggestions that pop up are related to you, your interests, and your previous viewing history. This comes in extremely handy as YouTube is a massive platform. Here’s the bonus…YouTube is one of the free apps to download for a smart TV that is actually free all around! So, get downloading, you won’t regret it.  

3. Spotify 


If you are more of a music or podcast fanatic than a movie or film geek, this is the app for you. Spotify remains one of the most popular music streaming services due to its wide variety of content and easy accessibility.

You have two options with Spotify, you can use it as a free service or pay a monthly subscription. The free service allows users to access songs; however, they are limited to the selection and how many times they can skip through songs. This would suit someone who only wants to use the app occasionally. The premium service Spotify offer is the route most users decide to take. Users can take advantage of the 30-day free trial before paying the UK figure of £9.99 per month.

For music lovers, we believe that this is absolutely worth it! Premium features allow users to access all content at the simple click of a button, and as well as this, they can create personal playlists for their own use as well as others, and are suggested with different artists, genres, and songs constantly depending on their listening history. As one of the leading free apps to download for a smart TV, Spotify can be praised as its services do not always need to come at a cost.  

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